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During elongation the protein is synthesized one amino acid at a time on the 80S ribosome. This process occurs in three major steps: binding of charged tRNA, peptide bond formation, translocation of the growing peptide chain.

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The translation of genetic information into proteins is essential forlife. At the core of this process lies the ribosome, a quintessentiallarge (2.5-4.5 MDa) molecular machine responsible for translatinggenetic material into functional proteins. In a growing cell, ribosomescomprise up to half of the net dry weight. Because of its fundamental rolein the cell, 50% of all efforts to develop antibiotics target bacterialribosomes, taking advantage of the structural differences between bacterialand human ribosomes.

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Protein Synthesis

The rate of protein synthesis is about 6 peptide bonds per minute, thus it takes about 1 to 2 minutes to synthesize an average sized protein. Because mRNA is often several thousand nucleotides in length, the same mRNA molecules can be simultaneously bound by many ribosomes. An mRNA that is bound by multiple ribosomes is called a polysome. Polysomes provide a mechanism for many copies of a protein to be translated from a single mRNA. Polysomes in the cytosol synthesize most of the proteins and enzymes required by the body for intracellular processes such as metabolism.

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DNA transcription.
Transcript: During DNA replication, both strands of the double helix act as templates for the formation.
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Molecular machines copy DNA Your body produces billions of new cells every.
A collection of Protein Synthesis Animation videos, that cover the full protein synthesis process and have focus on some specific protein synthesis steps.

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When protein synthesis terminates, the initiator amino acid, Methionine, will have a free amino group. This end of the protein is the N terminus and the last amino acid of the chain has a free carboxy or C terminus. Protein synthesis thus initiates with the amino terminus and proceeds towards the C terminus. Proteins synthesized on the rough ER are transported across a membrane and into the cisternal spaces between the sheets of the ER where they are packaged for export. To be transported across the membrane the protein is synthesized with a signal or leader sequence on its amino terminus.

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Hence DNA is double helix it is unwind by DNA helicase, than special proteins.
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The answers to these questions are DNA replication and protein synthesis.

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A variety of engaging animations, lecture clips, virtual labs, and other classroom resources teach key concepts related to DNA’s structure and function.
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