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Take a look at the Photosynthesis Animation of the Light Dependent Reactions from the Virtual Cell Animation Collection. You are not required to know the detail in this video, but rather get a feel for the overall process and the roles of the following molecules:

Reduces NADP+ to NADPH, which will than carry high energy electrons to the Calvin Cycle

Diagram of Calvin cycle. G3P = glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate. Two molecules of G3P spontaneously join to make a molecule of glucose. Illustration by Yikrazuul, retrieved from Wikimedia Commons, licensed CC-BY-SA 3.0 Modified by JHC to change GAP label to G3P

Diagram of the phases of the Calvin cycle of photosynthesis.

If you missed class or would like to see it again:  Draw Photosynthesis videos

Yes. Photosynthesis is the use of light energy to “fix” (reduce) inorganic carbon to organic carbon, so the Calvin cycle is the pathway that actually does the reduction of carbon dioxide to form carbohydrates.

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Before we begin, here is a reminder of where we left off: how the light reactions work, and the products they generate which are essential for the Calvin cycle:

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9-10-16 Replaced Calvin cycle figure (former figure showed 3PG exiting; current figure shows G3P exiting, consistent with our emphasis on glucose synthesis.