Analysis and Synthesis of Discrete-Time Repetitive Controllers

Signal processing in digital control- Sampling, time and grequency domain description, Reconstruction; Modelling by difference equations and pulse Transfer function; Time response analysis of discrete time systems; Stability of Discrete time systems; Jury's stability test; State space models; Controllability and Observability; Lyapunov method of stability analysis, Lyapunov functions; Review of compensator design, digital compensator design using frequency response plots; Digital PID controller; Finite settling time design; Dead beat systems and inter-sample behaviour; State space approach for digital controller design - pole placement, output and state feedback, observer-based design - full order and reduced order; Dead beat controllers; Mechanization of control algorithms - Real time implementation of digital controllers.

Discrete-Time Domain Analysis and Synthesis of Repetitive Controllers

Automation: Types of automation, Degree of automation, Technical, economic and human factors in automation, Technologies like Mechanical, Electrical, Hydraulic, etc., Comparative evaluation, Development of automation systems using mechanical devices, pneumatic systems, hydraulic systems, electrical systems and hybrids. Synthesis and analysis, Optimization techniques, Illustrative examples of the above types of systems used for automation of machine tools, Material Handling devices, products etc. Industrial logic control systems, Logic diagramming, Design of servo systems, Design for automation, Cost-benefit analysis. Control: Open loop and closed loop control, Mathematical model of physical systems, Laplace transformation, Transfer functions, Types of controllers, Stability analysis in feedback controls, Transient response analysis of systems, Frequency response methods, Improving system performance, Discrete-time systems and Z-Transform method. Introduction to non-linear control systems, Approach to optimal and adaptive control systems, Micro-processor based digital control, State space analysis.

Analysis and Synthesis of Discrete Time Repetitive Controllers.

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