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Many different types of synthesis have been invented since the first successful (and affordable) commercial analogue synthesisers in the late 1960"s. The following are perhaps the best known ...

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The attention to detail they imparted to these plug-ins changed the game for the ‘in-the-box’ producer and moreover brought the sound of some of the greatest electronic instruments of all time within reach of those that did not have the means to finance and maintain a large collection of increasingly rare and expensive classic analogue synthesisers.

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Before digital control, analogue synthesisers used an interconnecting arrangement of controlled voltage/gate signals to trigger their various components. For example, a key/note played on a keyboard would send a control voltage to an oscillator to tell it what pitch to produce, and another control voltage to an envelope which in turn would "instruct" an amplifier "shape" the volume envelope of the sound as it emerged from the oscillator.

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It's the first insight into Peel's third album, entitled , which will be released in September, with the record described rather grandly as a "seven-movement odyssey composed for analogue synthesisers and full, traditional 29-piece colliery brass band". The album's lead track is a fitting first look at the ambitions set out on Peel's new record, built around soaring orchestral arrangements that delight as much in the presence of the various instruments involved as they do in the space between each movement, building to a particularly rousing climax.

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Silent Way Voice Controller is a virtual instrument plug-in designed to directly control an analogue synthesiser by generating the appropriate CV and gate signals via an appropriate audio interface.

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An Oscillator is an electronic sound source. It is the device which creates the electrical pressure soundwave in a synthesiser. Oscillators can be analogue or digital.