What factors affect the acidity of rain?

They come from burning coal and oil.

What are some concerns about acid rain?
Concerns of acid rain is water pollution, lower pH in bodies of water, damage to buildings, and lower pH of soils.

Analysis and Conclusions Specific to the Lab
Looking at this lab you are able to conclude that acid rain has a negative effect on the growth of fescue plants.

Demonstrate that lichens can be used as effective bioindicators for acid rain.

The Effect of Acid Rain on Pothos PlantsThe Effect of Acid Rain on Spider plants Determine the effect of acid rain exposure time and pH levels on animals (daphnia).

Determine what effects acid rain has on common substances.

This is due to the tendency for acid rain to harm soil quality.

About one-fourth of the acidity of rain is accounted for bynitric acid (HNO3). In addition to the naturalprocesses that form small amounts of nitric acid in rainwater,high-temperature air combustion, such as occurs in car enginesand power plants, produces large amounts of NO gas. This gas thenforms nitric acid via Equations 4 and 5. Thus, a process thatoccurs naturally at levels tolerable by the environment can harmthe environment when human activity causes the process (e.g.,formation of nitric acid) to occur to a much greater extent.

Hypothesis If acid rain is applied to our fescue for 4 weeks, ..

By the end of the testing period, it became clear that the fescue grass had died, fulfilling the prediction of the hypothesis in regards to the A samples.

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Additionally, alternative energy sources are gaining more prominence today and funding is being given to the restoration of ecosystems damaged by acid rain worldwide" (Briney, 2014).

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Acid rain not only greatly affects the quality and leaches out vital particles from soil, but can cause acidification in lakes and streams, decompose statues and building materials and melt the snow from ice caps.

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Finally, according to Ophart, the increased acidity of soil caused by acidic water is virulent to beneficial bacteria whose niche is to break down dead organic matter and return essential nutrients to the soil to be absorbed by plants; therefore, as the acidity of the soil increases, the population of beneficial bacteria, and therefore the amount of plant growth also decreases.

This experiment successfully simulated the effects of acid rain on vegetation.

HYPOTHESIS I think that acid rain will decrease the rate of

People should be more careful then to not pollute the air, as it can not only cause acid rain, but the disruption of ecosystems that coincides with it.