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While Dorian Gray’s true character never changes, it is his own perception of his character (his conscience) that is reflected in the changing face of his portrait....

The only evidence that this thing was once Dorian Gray was by the rings on his hands.

4 pages MLAFinal paper analyzing The picture of Dorian Gray, looking into Lord Henry’s influence in the novel and looking at the yellow notebook for what it’s significance is.
Tthe topic is to create an argument using either the criticisms or in the preface to validate.

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The power of greed and selfishness take over Dorian Gray and create an ugly evil side to him.

Given that Dorian lives a corrupt life, one is likely to focus on the negative aspects of his character. In spite of his significant character flaws, Dorian Gray may still be considered a hero. This essay will examine Dorian's degradation from the innocent world to the vicious, sensation-oriented world. The elements contributing to Dorian’s status of tragic hero will th...

The Picture of Dorian Gray was his first and only novel

From that quote I began to think about my thesis...

Working thesis: Through the gradual divisions of his self identity, each identity of Dorian is revealed through the "true colors" of both Dorian the human and Dorian the portrait.

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At the surface, many see him as a "golden boy" but in reality, he is tarnished at the core of his identity.

Also, if we look at the name Dorian, there is a relationship between the DOR in Dorian and the DOR in the quest to find el Dorado.

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My dear fellow, it can't be helped."
By: Bethany Flood
Chapter eighteen, The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde, starts off with Dorian Gray thinking about death and how he is indifferent to his own life.

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Spoiled my shooting for the day."
Ego: Dorian Gray
"Something in the animal's grace of movement that strangely charmed Dorian Gray, and he cried out at once: "Don't shoot it, Geoffrey.

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His second identity --because of the creation of the portrait-- is seen to be unhealthy and undesirable (unlike desirable gold).
"Dorian identifies with his own "ideal self," presented to him by the painting" (Gomel 80).

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This is a driving force in Dorian's life, and while he was once a very , his conscience was in the painting that led him to lead a corrupt life causing tragedy to others.
On the final pages of the book, Dorian becomes fed up with what the painting makes him do, and after murdering Hallward, the creator of the evil painting, he decides to get rid of this dreaded piece of art once and for all.