The holiday has been celebrated at the White House each year since.

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In 1620, the  break their ties with the Church of England and settle in present-day Plymouth.

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– Gorgeous, she said. Look at the holy show I am. Lying out on the strand all day.

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He comes to believe that if Jews keep to the core tenets of their faith -- fearing God, loving man and observing the Sabbath -- the traditional laws governing everyday life -- how to pray and dress, what to eat -- are negotiable.

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Some organize into new denominations like the Seventh-day Adventists, who believe the Second Coming is imminent but do not calculate a specific date for the event.

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Seven years later, guided by an angel who appears to him in a vision, Smith claims to unearth a set of golden tablets that contain the seed of a new religion: the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, popularly known as Mormonism.

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The consumption of alcohol is a serious problem in the 19th century: The average American then drank three times the amount the average American drinks today.