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1) ppm), toluene 4 mg/m3 (1 ppm); 21.6 years expected level, excess of (1985) at very low levels benzene, "hexane", deaths from cancer associ- MIBK, xylene ated with lubricating oil, not MEK a hydrocarbon solvent mixtures b workers from lube oil and dewaxing plant In a study on a group of 9 parquet-flooring workers (age, 25-58 years; exposure time, 8-35 years), Denkhaus et al.

590/1760 mg/m3 (200/500 ppm) MEK/ n-hexane mixture yielded no evidence of hexacarbon neurotoxicity.

Chiavari G, Facchini MC, & Fuzzi S (1987) Behavior of 3-methyl-2-benzothiazolone azines of carbonyl compounds in high-performance liquid chromatography.

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Chemical Business Newsbase (1988) #600843 Methyl ethyl ketone makers need Pampa for recovery.

toluene 11-551 mg/m3 (3-147 ppm), comparison with controls, no to post exposure (1983) ethyl acetate < 11-302 mg/m3 (< 3-84 ppm) suggestion of neuropathy, trichloroethane 11-601 mg/m3 (2-110 ppm) change in conduction velocity correlated with exposure Table 14 (contd) Concentrations of MEK and other No.

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An intermittent exposure (8 h/day) of rats to 2950/31 680 mg/m3 (1000/9000 ppm) MEK/ n-hexane mixture produced severe neuropathy, whereas similar exposure to a lower concentration, i.e.

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7.3.1 Behavioural testing Neurotoxicity studies have been carried out on MEK, usually as part of studies on the neurotoxicity of methyl isobutyl ketone (MIBK) and MIBK/MEK mixtures.

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The property of potentiation of hexacarbon neurotoxicity is not unique to MEK, but is shared at least by methyl n-propyl ketone, methyl n-amyl ketone and methyl n-hexyl ketone, none of which appear intrinsically neurotoxic (Misumi & Nagano, 1985).

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(Wistar), 6 males hexane; 1475/1760 mg/m3 7 days/week, damage evident in peripheral nerve (1984) per groupb (500/500 ppm) MEK/hexane 33 weeks electrophysiological function; 2,5-hexanedione and other hexane metabolites in urine reduced with co-exposure Inhalation, rat 923 mg/m3 (225 ppm) MBK; 24 h/day, MEK enhanced MBK-induced peripheral neurotoxicity Saida et al.

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(1982a) per group 590/1056, 590/1760 mg/m3 7 days/week, shown by shortened period before onset of clinical (100/400, 200/300, 200/500 9 weeks signs (weakness and paresis); hypersalination ppm) MEK/hexane in MEK/hexane groups only; neural degeneration in all solvent-treated groups (no mention of differences among these groups) Inhalation, rat 1760, 2464 mg/m3 (500, 700 8 h/day, every co-exposure to MEK/hexane resulted in earlier and Schnoy et al.

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(Wistar), 5 groups ppm) hexane; 295/1408, day for 1-89 more pronounced degeneration of pulmonary (1982); of 2-5 malesc 590/1056, 590/1760 mg/m3 days nerves than exposure to hexane alone; there were no Schmidt et al.